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Palm Springs Mainstay Oscar’s Hits Its Golden Age

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Oscar’s in downtown Palm Springs The business partners have transformed Oscar’s from a simple restaurant and bar into a vibrant entertainment venue. “We started by introducing drag shows that were outrageous, bold, and just plain fun.

That was a huge draw for us, but I knew that we needed to broaden the range of options.”Gore, who grew up in the ’80s, recalls those days as “a time before Internet fame and we were fixated on TV spectacles that drew us all in.

For instance, Wednesdays were Dynasty night at many venues and later we had Queer as Folk, Noah’s Arc, and Queer Eye that would bring the gays together.

I took that idea to Oscar’s, but with a spin. I decided to bring these celebs from yesteryear in live. I transformed our large patio into a mini amphitheater and started ‘An Intimate Evening With....’” Business partners Luis Camacho (right) and Dan Gore (right) During these sit-downs, celebs delve “into their personal lives, their upbringings, their careers, what they are working on now.” In addition, they often perform, or share multimedia clips. “The celebs so love being here in PS and the locals are so fabulous that we have Hollywood celebrities asking to return,” Gore says.The event has attracted a wide range of celebrities, from legendary singers like Dionne Warwick and Frankie Avalon, to comedian Sandra Bernhard, Elvis’s widow Priscilla Presley, and actors like Barbara Eden, Lindsay Wagner, and Richard Chamberlin.

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