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Twitter Suspends Dave Rubin for Sharing Jordan Peterson's Elliot Page Tweet

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Twitter for his offensive comments about Elliot Page, The Rubin Report host Dave Rubin has now suffered a similar fate for sharing a screenshot of the same tweet.Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro broke the news to his followers on Tuesday that Rubin had been suspended by what he calls the "woke activists" who run Twitter.

Shapiro also shared Peterson's original tweet, putting himself at risk of being suspended from the platform, as well.Last week, Canadian psychologist and conservative commentator Peterson shared a tweet that deadnamed transgender actor Elliot Page and called the doctor who performed a mastectomy on them a "criminal physician" while recalling a time when pride was "a sin.""I have been suspended by Twitter for posting a screenshot of Jordan Peterson's tweet which got he himself suspended," Rubin wrote in a message sent to and published by Shapiro.

Rubin and Peterson's daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, had both shared screenshots of the tweet and the violation alert he'd received from Twitter."While it is unclear how I broke their terms of service, it is clear that they are breaking their fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders by letting a bunch of Woke activists run the company," he continued. "I hope Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter goes through so he can blow up their servers and humanity can move past this pervasive, twisted, self-imposed mental institution."Rubin then directed his followers to join him on his crowdfunding platform, Locals..@RubinReport has now been suspended for posting news about @jordanbpeterson's suspension, all because we are not allowed to mention that until five minutes ago, Elliott Page, who is very very very male, was a female actress named Ellen Page.

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