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Is this the most unhinged thing that’s ever happened on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’?

Drag Race franchise becomes, the series is always best when it’s at its most chaotic, campiest, and completely off its rocker.That’s something we were reminded of during last week’s episode of the flagship RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 16, where the now-traditional Rusical maxi-challenge was a Sound Of Music homage called “The Sound Of Rusic” (naturally).A post shared by RuPaul's Drag Race (@rupaulsdragrace)Dive into drag culture and get a mix of entertainment, politics, and LGBTQ+ gems with our daily newsletter.Did the mini-musical riff on the plot of the classic film, where a nun-turned-governess cares for a wealthy family of Austrians and helps them flee the Nazis? No, it most certainly did not! Instead it was just a loose framework for nonsense with competitive girl groups, a comically large stole, and an unhealthy pinecone obsession.The whole thing was downright unhinged—and that’s exactly why we loved it.Actually, “unhinged” seems to be the word of the week for Drag Race fans, thanks to a prompt that’s been passed around Gay Twitter™ and gone viral to the tune of 8.4M views:Ppl, what are the most UNHINGED moments in Drag Race herstory? pic.twitter.com/Uk3LdNW92x“What what are the most UNHINGED moments in Drag Race herstory?,” X user @RunnerEyeYT asked their followers earliest this week (brilliantly accenting their question with a photo of Tammie Brown, one of the most unhinged queens to ever step foot in the Werk Room).Reading through the replies and quote-tweets to their question is like taking a tour through the Drag Race hall of fame—except these moments aren’t iconic for being fierce, fashionable, or even intentionally funny.

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