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You’d pay to do WHAT with Andrew Garfield??? Gay Twitter™ reveals celebrity paypig kinks via auction meme

Lady Gaga repeatedly referencing “100 people in a room,” or Chris Pine maybe spitting on Harry Styles to distract us from our day-to-day lives.So it should be no surprise that the internet immediately jumped on the news that a number of big Hollywood names are coming together for a charity auction where they’re selling off specific services to the highest bidder—with all proceeds going to production crew members whose healthcare benefits are at risk during the strike.Actors, writers and directors are collaborating on a charity auction with proceeds going towards helping crew members whose healthcare benefits are currently at risk during the strike.(Source:’s the sheer randomness of what’s up for auction that seems to have caught Gay X Gay Twitter™’s attention. For example, did you know you could bid on an opportunity to have But I’m A Cheerleader‘s Natasha Lyonne solve the New York Times crossword with you? To have Parks And Recreation‘s Adam Scott walk your dog for an hour? Or to have Love Is Strange‘s John Lithgow paint a watercolor of your pet?It’s basically TaskRabbit but with celebrities!(Before we make a bid, can someone tell us if that private Zoom meet-up with Matt Bomer will be monitored at all? Or can we do whatever we want with that time? No reason; just checking!)This is a bargain auction has so immediately captured the social platform’s collective imagination that it’s already birthed a new meme wherein folks are inventing fake services to bid on featuring their favorite (and least favorite) stars.But we didn’t expect it to get so kinky so quickly!You see, while inventing services that they’d pay a lot of money for, people are basically telling on themselves and revealing their deepest celebrity paypig fantasies.

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