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As is tradition, Jim Jordan suffers pre-Thanksgiving social media meltdown & it’s all Joe Biden’s fault

As is tradition, gay-hating congressman Jim Jordan fired off his angry pre-Thanksgiving social media post, blaming Democrats, and President Biden specifically, for the rising cost of food.“Why’s Thanksgiving so expensive this year?” the former college wrestling coach posted on Twitter X, along with a picture of Biden waving to the camera.Why’s Thanksgiving so expensive this year? pic.twitter.com/fjytnWnrl4Ironically, Thanksgiving dinner is actually cheaper this year than it was in 2022, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation.In its annual report, which is released each November, the group found that “this year’s classic Thanksgiving feast” for 10 will cost approximately $6.12 per person, for a grand total of $61.17. That’s down 4.5% from the “historically high prices” from last year, the report noted.

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