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Help! My boyfriend always wants to hook up in my childhood bed whenever we go home for the holidays

Hi Jake,It’s almost time for the annual trip to my parent’s house for the holidays, which means only one thing… my boyfriend is going to try and have sex with me in my childhood bed.This is the third year we’ve been together, and it’s tradition that we go to my parents house every year for the holiday. When I’m home, I’m usually not feeling all that sexual. For some reason, though, my boyfriend gets all horned up. My mom likes to keep my room the way it’s always been, so it’s basically a time-capsule from when I was still living at home. I have the same childhood bed, strewn with the stuffed animals I’ve had since I was a kid, and a bunch of the weird toys that I never threw away. Needless to say, it feels kinda creepy when my boyfriend wants to get frisky there. Do I need to get over it, or should I say something to him?Not Into Child’s PlayDear Not Into Child’s Play, Whether or not to get down and dirty when you’re home for the holidays is a uniquely personal decision.

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