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LGBTQ and women's rights advocates worried after Meloni's win in Italy

Giorgia Meloni, who is set to become the next Prime Minister, could adopt anti-queer and anti-abortion policies.She gained prominence with a 2019 speech declaring "I am a Giorgia, I am a mother, I am Christian, and you cannot take that away from me."Her party's program states it is against marriage equality, gay parents adopting children, and surrogate motherhood.Alessia Crocini is President of Italy's Rainbow Families, an association with 5,000 members.She had to go outside Italy with her former partner to get artificial insemination treatment so they could have a child together.But back in Italy, only her partner, who gave birth to her son, is recognized as his parent. Crocini has no legal rights as the parent of her son under Italian law."It is terrible news that we were expecting," she said about the victory of Giorgia Meloni and the Brothers of Italy party."The polls were clear. But when something like this materializes, becomes real, it is pretty shocking."Crocini said following the victory she began receiving messages from members of her association.

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08.08 / 09:21