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Documentary filmmaker reveals how Trump’s kids reacted to election loss and what a bunch of brats

British documentary filmmaker Alex Holder will soon present his behind-the-orange-veil look at the chaotic last days of the Trump presidency, but before then, he’s sharing new details about how Ivanka, Eric and Don Jr. privately reacted to the former president’s 2020 electoral loss.Holder told Business Insider, “There was an attitude that one of them would give which was sort of incredibly bitter and angry about the end result,” and that “there were the other children who were totally in denial and would not even refer or discuss or engage with anything to do with the fact that they were no longer in the White House and the catastrophe that had taken place earlier.”The filmmaker did not elaborate on which of Trump’s kids had which reaction, but we all witnessed Jared and Ivanka’s attempt to  tip-toe out of the family picture.Related: It sure looks like Ivanka lied in her testimony to the January 6 committeeThe report notes that Don Jr.

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