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Kentucky Is the Gayest State in America

University of California, Los Angeles.According to new data released by the UCLA's Williams Institute, 5.6 percent of Americans identify as LGBT, with a rough of about 14 million people. The majority live in the South, with 5.2 million, or 36.9 percent, of America's queer population living in places like Kentucky.Respondents to the survey were asked: "Which of the following best represents how you think of yourself?" with response options: "Gay or lesbian; Straight, that is, not gay; Bisexual; Something else; I don't know the answer." They could also refuse to answer the question.For measuring the number of transgender people: "Do you consider yourself to be transgender?" with response options being: "Yes; No; Don't know/not sure" or likewise, respondents could refuse to answer.Using BRFSS, we estimate that 5.6% of US adults--14.1 million people--identify as LGBT.

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