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PHOTOS: U.S. bobsled team strips down to raise quick cash and the thirst is real

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The four-man bobsledding event at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will take place this weekend, but the men of team USA have already won an unofficial gold medal in marketing with “The Bob-Spread.”To reach their Olympic ambitions, the team needed to quickly raise $70,000, and what better way than by stripping down for a sexy calendar?

A post shared by Jimmy Reed (@reedjamesk)“We’d been talking about this for a long time,” U.S. bobsledder Carlo Valdes told NBC Sports. “It just never happened.

Until now. [Bobsledder and photographer] Jimmy Reed made it happen and everybody bought in. And nobody will be disappointed.”“We’re a very close team,” he told the Washington Post. “Shooting the calendar was a fun experience.

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