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Queer Slasher Film ‘They/Them’ Uses Georgia Locations and Performers

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Peacock’s new film, “They/Them,” made in Georgia, is almost like two movies rolled into one — a conversion camp drama and a slasher film.

It stars an appealing and talented group of younger performers, in addition to some more established stars. A group of campers comes to an LGBTQ conversion camp, only to find that an axe murderer is on the loose.

Kevin Bacon and Carrie Preston — who hails from Macon, Georgia — star as Owen and Cora Whistler, who run the camp, and Anna Chlumsky plays a new nurse. “They/Them” is directed by John Logan, who has written films such as “Skyfall” and “Gladiator.” Filming took place at Camp Rutledge, just outside Covington.

Nonbinary performer Theo Germaine headlines as Jordan, a 17-year-old nonbinary trans person who comes from a religious, military, and dysfunctional background. “They are a creative and independent person who clearly is very traumatized by something and they come to this camp as part of a deal they have made with their parents,” Germaine told Georgia Voice. “Basically, they are on the outs with the parents, and they really just want to go off and live their life and not be connected to all the dysfunction in their past.

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