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Sex Toys Litter Highway After Tractor Trailer Crash

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Some Oklahoma motorists got an eyeful when loads of dildos and lube shot out of the back of an overturned semi. In a collision on Wednesday, a tractor trailer and a box truck crashed, causing the semi to roll over, Oklahoma City television station KWTV reported.

The overturned tractor-trailer spilled vibrators on I-40 near Mustang Road on the western outskirts of Oklahoma City and closed the highway off-ramp for several hours.Hundreds of boxes are spread over the road in video footage captured by KWTV.Local Oklahoma blog The Lost Ogle posted a video on Twitter and commented about the spillage on its website. “This is a semi that overturned and lost its load here,” reporter Jim Gardner said, seemingly unironically, from the KWTV helicopter. “There is a lot of stuff to clean up.”One of the studio anchors inquires with the airborne reporter. “Jim, can you tell what he’s carrying there,” the anchor asks. “What’s all over the road?”Gardner responds, still seemingly unaware of the highway-turned-pleasure palace. “We’re zooming in … not really.

I can’t tell. Maybe you can tell?” he says.Observers with keen eyes, however, recognized what it was. Pink sex toys were scattered across the streets.

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