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Study Shows Democratic Support for Trans Rights, Republican Hostility

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Americans’ Complex Views on Gender Identity and Transgender Issues, also provides evidence of a deep partisan divide on trans equality, with Democrats showing support for the trans community and Republicans showing hostility.Pew is a nonpartisan organization and does not advocate for public policy. “We just hope that people will look at all the different components of this package … and just learn something new,” Anna Brown, a Pew research associate and coauthor of the study, tells The Advocate.

The study, released Tuesday, is based on a survey of 10,188 U.S. adults, conducted May 16-22.“One interesting thing is the share saying gender is determined at birth is up,” Brown says.

Pew found that 60 percent of respondents say a person’s gender is determined by the sex assigned them at birth. That’s up from 56 percent in 2021 and 54 percent in 2017.

Even though the rise of four percentage points in a year may seem small, it is statistically significant, Brown says.The numbers vary widely by political affiliation. “Democrats and those who lean to the Democratic Party are more than four times as likely as Republicans and Republican leaners to say that a person’s gender can be different from the sex they were assigned at birth (61% vs.

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