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Dem Campaigns Chair Sean Patrick Maloney Loses His Own House Seat: 'Blame Me'

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After losing his own congressional seat and helping stop a "red wave," Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney spoke about the historic midterm elections of 2022.Maloney served as chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and was tasked by Speaker Nancy Pelosi with keeping the House of Representatives in Democratic hands.

With the House still not confirmed to be won by Republicans, Maloney may feel deserving of a victory lap, especially considering the party in the White House typically loses dozens of seats in Congress during midterms.

But Maloney, speaking today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, was humbled by his own loss to Republican Michael Lawler, as well as the shocking number of Democratic New York congressional seats lost to Republicans on Tuesday.“Before you carve me in marble, I lost my seat,” he told Scarbrough, though he expressed pride in the fact that the House losses were minimal. “The fact that we’re talking about that should give everyone a little of humility in the press who wrote us off for two years…we were always going to be competitive because we had such great candidates and such great leadership in the speaker and the president.”Maloney said that they are hoping the Democrats can still capture the House and are determined to make every vote count, including absentee and mail-in ballots. “We’re not going to let [Republicans] steal a single seat,” Maloney said.Scarbrough mildly roasted Maloney and other New York Democrats for overseeing massive losses in their House delegation.“New York was clearly an outlier,” Maloney said on Joe, pointing out wins in the West and South, calling the area around New York a “blast radius.”“It's a hard thing to swallow and the fact that my seat is one of them bothers me.

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