Sex and the City: Last News


‘And Just Like That…’ we’re thinking about Aidan’s underwear (again)

And Just Like That on Max, proceed with caution. There will be some spoilers –– and more importantly, some heated man-meat discussion.The latest season of the occasionally cringe, often fabulous, and increasingly gay Sex and the City spinoff has taken the sex up a notch, reuniting our queen Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) with could’ve-been-endgame lover Aidan Shaw (John Corbett).Carrie and Aidan were meant to be! Hopefully they get it right this time! Don’t go looking for drama Carrie.#AndJustLikeThat most recent episode, which premiered on Thursday, certainly gave us a lot to mull over: Nya is hooking up with a younger man, Brady and Lily are hooking up with each other, and Anthony won’t hook up with Giuseppe.Also, we’re somehow supposed to believe Miranda and Charlotte regularly dine… at Chipotle???But still, Gay Twitter™ is hung up on Aidan’s undergarments of choice: some snuggly fit, freshly bleached and bright tighty-whities.They could’ve put Aiden in some boxer briefs.

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