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LISTEN: Digging into ‘Sex and the City’s’ most iconic song & it’s complicated past

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Sex and the City. In the original series’ finale, which aired way back in 2004, Carrie Bradshaw, fresh off an intoxicating rendezvous with “Mr.

Big” on the Pont des Arts bridge, returns from her ill-fated Paris sojourn and embraces her girls.At long last, she is home.Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air…Reunited with her true loves–the girls and “Big”–Carrie begins pontificating about relationships:“There are ones that open you up to something new and exotic.

Those that are old and familiar. Those that bring up lots of questions. Those that bring you somewhere unexpected. Those that bring you far from where you started.”I know I can count on you…On a familiar Manhattan power stroll, Carrie, with Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha in tow, comes to her conclusion.

We may focus on our relationships with others, but our most significant relationship is the one with ourselves.We must know what we want.“If you find someone who loves the ‘you’ you love, well, that’s just fabulous,” she says.Sometimes I feel like saying “Lord I just don’t care”,But you’ve got the love I need to see me through…With And Just Like That… returning this week, we thought it was the perfect time to delve into the show’s most iconic song.Appropriately, the song’s history is just as convoluted as Carrie’s love life.The story goes, back in 1986, disco queen Candi Staton, whose career was faltering, was vacationing in the Bahamas when she connected with comedian Dick Gregory.

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