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I have a sex fantasy where I’m kidnapped & held captive by masked men. Do I need help?

Hi Jake,I have a secret and very, very specific sexual fantasy and I’m hoping you can help me discern if there’s something seriously pathologically wrong with me, or if it is more common than I think. I want to be kidnapped. There! I said it.I want to be sleeping in my bed, and be suddenly awoken in the middle of a random night to a group of athletic, masked men swarming my bedroom. I’m picturing about four or five guys, all wearing black face masks, black t-shirts, and black pants. I want them to say very little, but just rip me out of the bed and put a hood over my head, so that I can’t even see what’s happening to me. Then, I want my arms and legs to be tied up, and maybe some tape put around my mouth, so that I’m truly powerless. From there, I want to be forced out of my apartment and shoved into the back of a van, where I’m lying in the dark while I feel myself being driven to god knows where. When we arrive at the destination, I want to be led to some sort of cellar, with nothing more than cinderblocks, a door, and maybe a cup of water and a chair.

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