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My cousin is engaged to a woman with a baby on the way, but I’m 99% sure he’s into guys. Should I step in?

Hi Jake,I’m pretty sure my cousin is into guys. He recently got engaged to a woman after getting her pregnant (baby is due in August), but I’ve always gotten queer vibes from him. He was a super sensitive kid who was really into stereotypical “gay” things like musical theater and dance. Then in his 20s he got really into the gym, working out all the time and posting thirst traps taken in the locker room. He’s in his early 30s now, still totally ripped (but posting less thirst traps), and dressing better than almost anyone I know. He especially seems to love wearing tight-fitting designer t-shirts that show off his biceps. Subscribe to our newsletter for a refreshing cocktail (or mocktail) of LGBTQ+ entertainment and pop culture, served up with a side of eye-candy.But the real head-scratcher for me is the number of gay men he’s friends with and/or follows on social media. We have a shocking number of mutuals, including guys I’d never expect him to know or be friends with. I swear, I’ve never known a straight man who’s so tapped into his local gay community. We’ve never actually talked about how he identifies or why he has so many gay male friends, but I’m very curious, especially as he becomes a husband/dad. I’m worried he could be trying to force himself into a role and situation that won’t make him happy. Should I step in and say something?The Closet PoliceDear The Closet Police,As the Magic 8 Ball might say, “Signs Point To Yes,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean your cousin is gay.

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