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D.C. Gives $20,000 to Self-Defense Program for Trans, Nonbinary Folks

WUSA9, the office awarded the money to Defend Yourself, an organization that shares skills to help those targeted for harassment, abuse, or assault to feel more safe and confident in their ability to defend themselves.The money from the Office of LGBTQ Affairs will allow Defend Yourself to train up to 10 transgender and nonbinary residents to become “empowerment self-defense teachers,” who can then share their skills and knowledge with others. Defend Yourself claims to have trained more than 35,000 D.C.-area residents to prevent, interrupt, and heal from gender-based violence since its founding in 1997, according to the organization’s director, Lauren Taylor.“Trans people, specially trans women of color, experience some of the most severe and frequent violence, including gender-based violence, of any group in the U.S.,” Taylor told WUSA9. “In the District, 47% of trans women have been sexually assaulted, as compared with 27% of women in the general U.S.

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