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The Simpsons: Smithers to fall in love in landmark moment after coming out on series

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Smithers, who came out as gay on The Simpsons in 2016, is to fall in love in a landmark moment, marking the first time that the character has had a boyfriend.Smithers, personal assistant to the evil and conniving Mr Burns, has been on The Simpsons since the start, making his first appearance in the third episode of season one.It wasn’t until 27 years later that it was confirmed in an episode titled The Burns Cage that he was gay, when Smithers reveals his true feelings about his boss, only for Mr Burns to reject him.The sweet Smithers is finally going to get his happy ending in an episode due to air later this month… but while he may be happy in love, his new relationship could cause havoc for those around him.In the official synopsis for.

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