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This attempted trans takedown went viral for deifying trans people

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A 2019 tweet from former Daily Caller writer Scott Greer resurfaced on Reddit recently, where users continue to thrill in the knowledge that that his apparent attempt at transphobia backfired.“God is dead and been replaced by trans people,” Greer’s ungrammatical tweet reads.A Reddit user posted a screenshot of the tweet in the r/lgbt subreddit last month, where commenters said the message “sounds metal as f*ck” and indicates a “big victory moment.” When you’re more powerful than God from lgbt “Transgender?

Nah, trans-godlike,” another Twitter user wrote.“This isn’t even my final form,” someone else commented.Related: Anti-LGBTQ Senate candidate Blake Masters’ attempt to ‘own the libs’ backfires spectacularlyGreer appears to have deleted the tweet, but the Internet Archive has it saved for posterity.And the archived version of the tweet shows that Greer was reacting to news coverage of Jonah Welch’s “Trans People Are Sacred” billboard in Detroit.Greer’s tweet has been living on in the minds of Twitter users, too.'god is dead and has been replaced by trans people'is the funniest transphobic take i've ever seen, because it sounds like it's massively praising trans people as being gods and goddesses lol— CMDR Nova (@CMDR_Nova) September 28, 2019if you're worried that God is dead and has been replaced by trans people, you may begin singing our praises and asking for our blessings as soon as you are ready.— Adult Human Feline ???????? (@anarcho_gender) October 15, 2021Just saw a tweet that said “God is dead and been replaced by trans people” and honestly I don’t have too much experience as god yet but so far it’s pretty cool— Now.Im.Olivia (@EmilyLgbt2) February 13, 2021remembering when some dude on here got salty and tweeted.

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