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Jon Stewart's Takedown of Arkansas AG on Transgender Rights Hailed

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Twitter Friday after a trailer for the new season of his talk show was posted showing a glimpse of an interview with Republican Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge.In the six-minute video posted by The Problem with Jon Stewart, Rutledge is grilled by Stewart over her state's ban on gender-affirming care, which the talk show host argues "overrides" the guidelines laid out by health care professionals.Early in the clip, Rutledge claims that the state law was based on several doctors who testified before the Arkansas legislature who claimed "98 percent of young people" have gender dysphoria, and that "they are able to move past that" once they "have the help that they need.""Wow," Stewart says in response to Rutledge's data point. "That's an incredibly made-up figure.""That doesn't comport with any of the studies or documentation that exist from these medical organizations," Stewart continued.Jon interviewed Leslie Rutledge, Arkansas Attorney General, about why her state banned gender-affirming care for minors - ignoring the guidelines of major medical organizations and taking the decision out of parents’ hands.

Watch the full interview on @AppleTVPlus interview will be featured in the hourlong premiere of Season 2 and can be streamed on AppleTV+ starting Friday.Several journalists praised Stewart for his preparedness for the interview, including CBC News producer Terry Reith, who said Stewart "shows us all how it's done.""Go into an interview prepared, confident in your research and deliver your points," Reith continued. "If I ever give a course on interview techniques, this will be exhibit A."Jon Stewart shows us all how it’s done.

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