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Transgender Teen Blasts Missouri State Senator for Asking About Genitalia

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Senate hearing regarding proposed transgender-based legislation in multiple levels of athletics recently led to a heated back-and-forth between a senator and a trans rights advocate.Missouri Senate Bill No.

781, also known as the "Save Women's Sports Act," is the latest proposed national transgender-based legislation that would affect athletics at the middle school, high school and collegiate levels.A video posted as part of a tweet from the Human Rights Campaign showed a detailed exchange between trans rights advocate Avery Jackson, 14, and Republican State Senator Elaine Gannon.

The conversation included questions about genitalia."You're in the ladies' room and then you realize somebody else in there doesn't have a female's...has a male body instead of a female's body," Gannon said in the video, directing her remarks toward Avery. "I mean, it just causes some issues there."The senator also mentioned long hair, alluding to females potentially not knowing who is or is not transgendered.

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