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Caitlin Jenner Says Lia Thomas' Win 'Wasn't Fair'

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Olympics before transitioning in 2015, told Fox News' Sean Hannity that she doesn't think transgender women should participate in women's sports amid the continuing debate around Thomas.Thomas became the first-ever transgender NCAA Division I champion after winning the women's 500-yard freestyle on Thursday, with her appearance at the championships generating protests and outrage from parents, fellow athletes and conservative figures.Thomas, who finished more than a second ahead of second-placed Emma Weyant, was able to compete after following NCAA rules, including taking mandatory testosterone tests and undergoing hormone therapy for at least 12 months.Speaking to Hannity, Jenner suggested that Thomas still had an unfair advantage over the other competitors, but admitted that there is not "one answer that fits everything" with regards to the debate on trans women competing in sports."I've never been against Lia Thomas, she actually played within the rules.

Was it fair? No, it wasn't fair, it's not a fair fight. But she played within the rules," Jenner said."The problem is the NCAA and the rules.

They really need to take a serious look about what's happening in women's sports. And they have to make it fair."I have been from the beginning out to protect women's sports.

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