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John Oliver, Host Of Last Week Tonight Goes Viral Defending Trans Rights
John Oliver, host of the satirical TV news show Last Week Tonight, has gone viral for a pro-trans speech he made during his October 16 show.During the segment, Oliver discussed the fight for trans rights, with a focus on how conservatives have “truly lost their minds” about it. The host of the Emmy-winning series started by stating that over 100 anti-trans bills have been introduced in states across the United States, with 12 states signing them into law. Oliver went on to talk about the tactic used by conservatives to explain the rise in kids identifying as trans as “due to social contagion” or a “rapid onset gender dysphoria,” which Oliver said is, “total horseshit.”Oliver then pointed out that “there is ample evidence of gender variance throughout human history and as far back as historians have found evidence of trans people, they found trans children.   “And, to the extent that some young people are just exploring their gender identity, how exactly is that a bad thing? Who the fuck are they hurting?“Watching the conversation around this, it is hard not to feel like, to the extent that there is any social contagion here, it is among adults who have whipped themselves into such a frenzy that they can find themselves repeating some humiliating nonsense.”Holy shit pic.twitter.com/jAxYqytO8M— Ari Drennen (@AriDrennen) October 17, 2022Last Week Tonight with John Oliver airs Sunday nights and can be watched on Binge. © Star Observer 2022 | For the latest in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTIQ) news in Australia, be sure to visit
Yeshiva University Suspends All Clubs to Avoid Recognizing Pride Alliance
According to The Commentator, Yeshiva University’s student newspaper, school officials sent an email saying that as the Jewish High Holy Days approach, the university will “hold off on all undergraduate club activities while it immediately takes steps to follow the roadmap provided by the US Supreme Court to protect YU’s religious freedom.”The freeze came two days after the Supreme Court narrowly decided, on a 5-4 vote, not to hear an emergency appeal of a New York state court’s ruling that the university had discriminated against the YU Pride Alliance by refusing to acknowledge it as an officially recognized on-campus group. By refusing to hear the university’s emergency appeal, the high court has allowed the lower court ruling to temporarily stand while the case is litigated on its merits in the courts.Official recognition by the school would have allowed the Pride Alliance to use school facilities as meeting spaces, put up fliers on school bulletin boards advertising its meetings and events, and have a booth set up at the school’s club fair.The student group’s lawyer, Katie Rosenfeld, told The Washington Post the shut-down is “a throwback to 50 years ago when the city of Jackson, Miss., closed all public swimming pools rather than comply with court orders to desegregate.”“The Pride Alliance seeks a safe space on campus, nothing more,” Rosenfeld wrote to The Post.
Trans Student Outed At Israeli School Results In Protests By Transphobic Parents
A trans boy has been outed at a school in Israel resulting in anti-trans protests by parents and threats of school transfers. The third grader attends Morsheth Naria school in Givat Shmuel. Trigger Warning: This story discusses transphobic conduct, which might be distressing to some readers. For 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention call Lifeline on 13 11 14. For Australia-wide LGBTQI peer support call QLife on 1800 184 527 or webchat.In an interview with Ono News, a parent said, “The administration knew about the story and probably most of the teachers did too, but it dropped on the parents like lightning on a clear day.”According to JewishPress, 17 transphobic parents of third graders threatened to pull their children from school.“We, the majority of third-grade parents, are not ready to contain the phenomenon and accept the damage to our spiritual character and the emotional damage that our children are going through and will go through in the future.”“We need your help in this fight to stand firm on the way our children are educated, and our insistence that we are not ready to apologize for our way of life and our desire to educate our children according to our will.”In response religious LGBTQ Group, Havruta tweeted, “In the service of transphobia and under the auspices of the hate lobby, there is a demonstration in Givat Shmuel against a religious trans boy.
Education Department Proposes New Rule Protecting LGBTQ Students
proposed rule impacting how Title IX, the federal law prohibiting discrimination “on the basis of sex,” will be enforced — including protecting LGBTQ students from discrimination — in schools and colleges that receive federal funding.Education Secretary Miguel Cardona announced the changes to the way the law is enforced on Thursday, which marked the 50th anniversary of passage of the landmark law. Under Title IX, schools can be denied federal funds if they are found guilty of discrimination, excluding individuals from certain benefits or activities, or allowing harassment to continue without disciplining perpetrators.Under the Biden administration’s proposal, LGBTQ students would be protected from discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and sex characteristics, and schools that enable such discrimination could potentially lose federal funds.“As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this landmark law, our proposed changes will allows us to continue that progress and ensure all our nation’s students — no matter where they live, who they are, or whom they love — can learn, grow, and thrive in school,” Cardona said in a statement.The administration’s new rule would also change how schools handle sexual assault and sexual harassment allegations, marking a reversal from Trump administration rules that sought to avoid aggressively penalizing individuals accused of assault and harassment, on the grounds that they should be given a chance to defend themselves.
National Guard told lesbian to be ‘more feminine’ to progress, lawsuit claims
the Daily Beast reports.Kingrey, a 14-year veteran, told the Daily Beast that the Guard withdrew a job offer that she had already applied for and rejected her for another role after the senior leader’s comments.“From 2016 to 2018, I was constantly being pulled into my seniors’ offices being told my hair was out of regs [non-regulation],” Kingrey said.“It crossed a line into harassment, and I carried on my person a copy of our regulations in regards to female hair length because I was not breaking any rules.”Kingrey claims in her lawsuit that she was subjected to “continued harassment, discrimination, and retaliation based upon her sex, including her sexual orientation and perceived gender nonconformity.”She alleges that vice wing commander colonel Michael Cadle told a female lieutenant colonel to suggest that Kingrey change her appearance to be more feminine.It was suggested that she “grow my hair out and start wearing makeup because if I didn’t, it would be detrimental to my career in the West Virginia Air National Guard,” Kingrey claimed.“I had heard of other females with short hair having issues with people saying things, but I don’t know that progressed to the extent mine did. My hair length has nothing do with my work ethic or job performance,” she added.“Initially I was embarrassed.