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Vote now for the 2022 LGBTQ Nation Hero of the Year

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Amy Schneider, who demonstrated she’s “just a normal person like we all are,” except really smart; White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the first out LGBTQ person to be the face of the White House; Jo Acker, a security guard who gave her life to defend others; teen activists who stood up against Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill who we’re calling The Say Gay Teens; and whose music and video art brought gay culture to mainstream audiences; and George M.

Johnson, one of the most banned authors of the year who became an outspoken critic of the right’s war on inclusive literature.The five nominees for LGBTQ Nation 2022 Hero of the Year represent the best that we can be and how we can confront the worst.

Vote now for LGBTQ Nation Hero of the Year. Amy SchneiderOn International Transgender Day of Visibility in March, just weeks after her 40-game Jeopardy!

winning streak wowed fans and confounded trans critics, Amy Schneider was invited to the White House for a commemoration. During the visit, Schneider stopped by the Jim Brady Briefing Room for a peek, and ended up taking questions.What would her visit to the White House accomplish?“Just the same thing that I’ve been accomplishing, which is being a trans person out there that isn’t monstrous and isn’t threatening and is just a normal person like we all are,” she said.

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