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Amanda Bearse, an LGBTQ+ Icon, Reemerges in Bros

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The first time I heard the term “lipstick lesbian” was when Amanda Bearse, a costar on one of Fox's most iconic programs, Married ...

With Children, came out as a lesbian in 1993.If you were around in 1993 — or old enough to vote in that year, let’s say — you know that at that time the words gay or lesbian, to the uninitiated and/or naive, were usually dumbed down to stereotypes.

Lesbians were “butch” and "manly," and gay men were “limp-wristed” and "queer." There were other words, of course, that were much harsher.

It was a time when anyone who was queer — in today's parlance — came out and went against those stereotypes, people feigned utter shock.Bearse played the “hot” neighbor Marcy D’Arcy to Al and Peg Bundy on Married ...

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