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Yeshiva University Seeks to Block LGBTQ Club

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New York’s Yeshiva University is trying to bypass a state court ruling that orders the university to recognize a gay pride group on campus.One of the country’s oldest Jewish Orthodox schools in the nation, the New York-situated Yeshiva petitioned the Supreme Court to allow them to block the YU Pride Alliance from being granted official recognition at the university.

In an “emergency petition” sent to the court on August 29, Yeshiva cites that it is a “deeply religious university,” and as such, believes it should be allowed to deny the group on the basis of religious beliefs.On June 14, the New York State Supreme Court had ruled that Yeshiva was not actually a “religious institution” under New York law, indicating that the university had to comply with New York City Human Rights Laws banning all discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender.

Yeshiva attempted to appeal the decision to the next higher court but was denied.Typically, Yeshiva would legally have to approve the YU Pride Alliance’s club application before a September 12 deadline.

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