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Somehow Paul Mescal & Andrew Scott’s ‘All Of Us Strangers’ press tour keeps getting hotter & hotter

All Of Us Strangers, and—trust us—you’re not ready for the sizzling chemistry between stars Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal.From acclaimed filmmaker Andrew Haigh (Weekend, 45 Years, many Looking episodes and the movie), the film adapts Taichi Yamada’s 1987 novel Strangers to tell a tale of love and loss like no other.Scott plays Adam, a lonely London screenwriter who strikes up a cautious yet passionate romance with a younger man in his building named Harry (Mescal).Meanwhile, Adam takes a trip to his suburban hometown and is surprised to find his parents (Claire Foy, Jamie Bell)—who died in a tragic accident 30 years earlier—living there, not looking a day older than when they passed.Though that ghostly plot line is the main thrust of All Of Us Strangers—giving forty-something Adam an unusual opportunity to come out to his parents—much of the film’s buzz thus far has been directed toward the electrifying connection between co-stars Scott and Mescal, on-screen and off.And, look, we get it! Scott’s career has been gradually on the rise ever since his stint as the “Hot Priest” on Fleabag, and Mescal basically came out of nowhere with 2020’s Normal People and has only continued to gain fame and acclaim. Putting these two handsome lads together only increases their irresistible star wattage.Plus, it certainly helps that the pair seems to love spending time with one another.

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