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Marcia Gay Harden ‘makes angry funny’ in CBS dramedy ‘So Help Me Todd’

Marcia Gay Harden said her Tony-winning role as Veronica in “God of Carnage” helped shape the character she plays in the new CBS dramedy “So Help Me Todd.”“‘So Help Me Todd’ is blending the drama with the comedy, and that’s right up my alley,” Harden, 63, told The Post. “It’s truly what I prefer to do.

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Seven things more important than how you like your partner
A therapist with a huge online following has seen one of his videos go viral this week.Jeff Guenther is based in Portland, Oregon. Besides running a successful private practice, he’s been posting snappy, one-minute videos offering guidance on everything from managing anxiety to why some people cheat on those they love.Related: Older gay gentlemen offer 15 life lessons to their younger gay counterpartsHis thoughts on ‘7 things that are more important than how you like your partner’ has notched up over 4.5million views since it appeared a few days ago.Guenther says “’I love that you like your babe and I bet they like you to but mutual like, or love, will only get you so far.” You also need to pay attention to these other factors.1.  How do they treat you? Nice, supportive and caring, or mean, bullying and dismissive?2. Do you feel safe and secure enough to be your authentic self with them? Or are you hiding parts of yourself?3. Are your hopes and dreams and future goals being supported?4. Do you feel like your emotional needs are being met? Do you feel seen, understood and supported, or are you holding things back because they don’t know how to show up for you?5. Are you able to say ‘no’ and create boundaries without being made to feel guilty or selfish?6. Are you ever forced or coerced to do something you’re not consenting to?7. After an argument, are you able to repair, reconnect and resolve? Or are you left feeling emotionally battered and exhausted?The list seems to have struck a chord with many people.“I wish I knew this before I got married.
Your Guide To LGBTQ+ Candidates Running For Office In 2022
Dozens of candidates have the potential to make history if they win, and with the Supreme Court hinting at erasing queer rights, the more queer people in office the better.Here are over three dozen different LGBTQ+ candidates running in the upcoming 2022 elections. Scroll to the end to find more information about LGBTQ+ candidates in your state!Becca Balint was the first woman and queer person to serve as the Vermont Senate President Pro Tempore and is aiming to become the first woman and queer person in the U.S. House of Representatives from Vermont.I am honored to be the Democratic Nominee in NC-11! Thank you to all of our volunteers, supporters, and everyone who voted. I am fired up to get out and organize with you as we build to a victory in November. Chip in: beating a popular republican opponent for county commissioner, Jasmine Beach-Ferrara is now campaigning to become the first LGBTQ+ person elected to a federal position in North Carolina.The first LGBTQ+ person elected to Congress from Kansas and one of the only Native American women ever elected to the U.S. House faces a tough battle in her recently gerrymandered district as the only Kansas Democrat.Currently the Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, Kotek has over a decade of experience advocating for queer equality and is campaigning to become one of the first ever lesbian governor of any state in America.Cat photos aside, here's why I'm running for VA state Senate & why I'm asking for your support: