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Dr. Oz would now like to pretend his catastrophic run for U.S. Senate never happened TYVM, people aren’t yet ready to accept him back into their lives after he said he would “get men out of women’s sports,” praised “Don’t Say Gay” bills, and called transgenderism a “false science” on the campaign trail last year. (Oh, and mocked his Fetterman for having a stroke, which most everyone agrees wasn’t very doctor-like.)Here’s how they’ve been responding…Remember when you didn’t even live in PAHow about the dangers of leaving you alone with puppies?Go away snake salesman!We know who you are…The Trump-endorsed TV doctor received a similar reaction to another tweet last month when he posted about his recent visit to a charter school in Philadelphia, where he talked about nutrition and wellness.I was very glad to visit the Belmont Charter School in Philadelphia, one of the latest schools where @HealthCorps is bringing our unique model of nutrition & wellness education through mentorship.

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