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Louis Walsh's love life - Caroline Flack 'wedding' to addressing his sexuality

X Factor for a number of years.Louis wasn't afraid to give his honest opinion during his time on the show, which often landed him in hot water with the contestants and his fellow judges.READ MORE: Louis Walsh takes swipe at Cheryl and Girls Aloud as he says he 'never wanted them'But in regards to his own personal relationships, the manager behind Boyzone and Westlife hasn't been particularly outspoken.So, what's the truth about Louis Walsh's love life? Here, Daily Star looks into the music manager's past relationship confessions, as well as his Vegas 'wedding' with former colleague Caroline Flack.While Louis has remained fiercely private about his personal life, he hasn't been afraid to poke fun in the past.In 2012, he jokingly walked down the aisle with Xtra Factor presenter Caroline Flack during a spoof on the show.The pair got hitched at the infamous Little White Chapel in Las Vegas by an Elvis Presley impersonator.After arriving in Sin City ahead of the judge’s house stage, Louis and Caroline exchanged vows at the chapel before sealing their romance with a kiss.However, the union was disrupted when Sharon Osbourne made a dramatic entrance.But while the hilarious spoof was clearly staged for the show, Louis has always been fond of Caroline.Following her tragic death in February 2020, the music manager paid a touching tribute to his former colleague.He said: "I really liked her, she was great fun and just a pleasure to be around. She spoke her mind and was always up for a laugh." Louis and Sharon were thick as thieves whilst judging on the X Factor.

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Republican Who Blamed Uvalde Shooting on Transgender Medicine Wins Primary
gun control and mental health care to solve America's gun violence epidemic.Fiore, who currently serves on the Las Vegas City Council, however, blamed the shooting on health care for transgender individuals—and secured the Republican nomination to become the next state treasurer.AP projects Fiore has won the race after she accrued more than double the number of votes as opponent Emanuel Kess with 65 percent of the vote counted. At the time of reporting, Fiore has 71,434 votes (61 percent of the vote) to Kess with only 34,531 (30 percent of the vote).She will now face incumbent state Treasurer Zach Conine, a Democrat who faced no primary challenger, in November in the swing state that will be home to several battleground races.While speaking at a campaign event on June 5, Fiore sought to dismiss calls for enhanced gun control measures, instead blaming the shooting on health care for transgender individuals—repeating a baseless claim spread in far-right circles online.In the wake of the shooting, she said the government should "ban pharmaceutical companies" that provide gender-affirming health care to the transgender community, including hormone therapy."You know what we have to ban? We have to ban the pharmaceutical companies that are giving these individuals pharmaceutical psychotropic drugs," she said, claiming the shooter was on drugs that would adversely affect his mental state, an allegation that has not been confirmed by any evidence.She added that he was "on a lot of different medications from transgendering, so his mind was quite defective."There has been no proof that Ramos was transgender.