Spain: Last News

Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a country in Southwestern Europe with some pockets of territory across the Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlantic Ocean. Its continental European territory is situated on the Iberian Peninsula. Its territory also includes two archipelagos: the Canary Islands off the coast of North Africa, and the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The African enclaves of Ceuta, Melilla, and Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera, makes Spain the only European country to have a physical border with an African country (Morocco).

San Francisco Lifts Gay Bathhouse Ban

The Bay Area Reporter. The politician also shared with the local newspaper a corresponding city document, "Minimum Standards for Operation of Sex Clubs, Commercial Sex Venues and Parties," which is yet to be released publicly.The new guidelines, according to the Reporter, require bathhouse operators to list and discourage sexual activities that pose a risk for HIV and other STIs, such as condomless anal and vaginal sex and fisting without gloves. These precautions must be displayed in the venues in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, and Tagalog.Upon entering, patrons must sign an agreement acknowledging the restricted sexual activities.

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