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Charli XCX pays emotional tribute to SOPHIE: “She changed my life”

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Charli XCX has revealed how SOPHIE impacted her life and career. In an emotional new interview with Zane Lowe to celebrate the release of her fifth studio album, CRASH, the British singer said the late Scottish trailblazer was one of the “biggest champions” of her artistry. “SOPHIE was always pushing me to not record with autotune, which I think people would find quite interesting,” said Charli. “She was always like, ‘Just sing with your voice.

You sound great. Let’s do this like that.’ SOPHIE was just a champion of people that she believed in. “And no matter what level you were as an artist, if you were a big artist or if you were her friend who was making music with her in her studio and no one else had heard any of the songs at all.

She believed in those people. “She thinks people are stars. And when she thinks you’re a star, she’s not going to let you do yourself an injustice by not going for it.” SOPHIE tragically passed away on 30 January 2021 following an accidental fall from a three-story balcony in Athens, Greece.

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