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‘Frightening’: Vacationing Same-Sex Family Targeted on Train – Dads Called ‘Pedophiles’ in Front of Their Young Children

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Imagine being a six-year-old boy on a train with your family, going to use the restroom, and a stranger out of nowhere corners you and tells you that your parents stole you and they are pedophiles.

That’s what happened this week to Robbie Pierce’s little boy, the dad says, as his family headed for a spring break vacation on Amtrak from Los Angeles to the Bay Area.

Pierce told NCRM in a telephone interview Wednesday that he and his husband “spend so much of our time protecting our children from abuse.” And yet on vacation, a stranger in a single moment apparently viciously verbally violated their 6-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl’s feelings of safety and security.

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