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Alabama Sued In Federal Court By Families, Doctors After Anti-Trans Healthcare Bill Signed Into Law

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statement. “This law threatens all of that and takes away our ability to follow the advice of highly qualified medical professionals.”The medical professionals among the plaintiffs, Dr.

Morissa Ladinsky and Dr. Hussein Abdul-Latif, have extensive experience treating trans youth through their work at the Children’s Hospital of Alabama and the UAB Hospital.

Under the new law, both could face up to 10 years in prison for providing the same treatments that are widely accepted in the medical community for trans youth.“By signing SB 184 Governor Ivey has told kind, loving, and loyal Alabama families that they cannot stay here without denying their children the basic medical care they need,” said Ladinsky in a statement. “She has undermined the health and well-being of Alabama children and put doctors like me in the horrifying position of choosing between ignoring the medical needs of our patients or risking being sent to prison.”Sued Alabama.

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