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Gabrielle Union Revealed The One Line From "Bring It On" That She Improvised And, Of Course, It's Iconic

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Gabrielle Union admits she's a "daily" BuzzFeed reader. "I'm into all of it," Gabrielle told me during a recent Zoom call to discuss her latest movie, Cheaper by the Dozen, now streaming on Disney+. "This was a real treat," she said by the end of our interview.

So, now’s your turn. Treat yourself to 27 things we learned about Gabrielle, including what cult classic she auditioned for but didn't get, the iconic line she improvised in Bring It On, and why she'd want to remake Grease and Grease 2.  Gabrielle Union: "When [Zach's character] Paul was trying to have a romantic night with [my character] Zoey and they had this special Ciroc, which I thought was kind of funny.

And then all the kids come in and wacky hijinks ensue, and they are not able to get it cracking. That was a fun day."GU: "We improvised a lot during the pool scene.

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