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Tucker Carlson’s new documentary about “testicle tanning” is gay AF

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Tucker Carlson’s new documentary series focusing on low testosterone has arrived and it’s gay AF.Carlson, who has spent much of his career attacking the LGBTQ community, has produced the new series as part of his ongoing push to highlight supposed cultural attacks on white, heterosexual men.The End of Men will air as part of Tucker Carlson Presents.

It focuses on low testosterone which, in the view of the Fox News host, results from the “emasculation” of men.I promise you are not prepared for Tucker's latest montage pic.twitter.com/8tdvYTW2cn— nikki mccann ramírez (@NikkiMcR) April 16, 2022Scientists have documented low testosterone in men as a natural part of aging for almost a century, attributing the phenomenon to poor health, poor nutrition, obesity, and pollution, among other factors.

One thing that experts have not cited as causing low testosterone: the emasculation of men.The trailer itself features a montage of half-naked, white men engaging in “manly” activities, including wrestling, doing pushups, grilling meat, stuffing their testicles inside a tanning box (really), and, most inexplicably, gripping the teat of a cow.Related: Tucker Carlson’s latest idiotic attack on Ketanji Brown Jackson completely backfiresApparently, nothing says “masculine” like gripping a milk-shooting phallus.The trailer has caused an uproar on social media for its bizarre mix of unintentional homoeroticism and quasi-fascist imagery.

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