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Handsome meteorologist responds to antigay slur in the best way ever

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posted it on his Facebook wall and wrote, “I received a disturbing email yesterday from a person who was upset about the forecast.

After 30 years I can stand and accept the criticism when I get it wrong. What I won’t accept are personal attacks about me.”Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest LGBTQ newsBernard said that the email came from a company business address which the meteorologist decided not to publicly share. “And by the way,” he added in his Facebook post, “the word fa****t has two G’s.”His Facebook post received over 2,500 comments, most of them supportive.

Many came from people who said they were local viewers. Others came from other TV meteorologists and broadcasters.Liz Koh, a journalist at WAFB-TV, wrote, “David, I’m sorry to hear that people like this take time out of their day to be hateful and ugly.

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