Twitter is posting about its love/hate relationship with “Game of Thrones” and we’re living

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August 22, 2022What are our criticisms, you ask? Where to begin.I should not get drawn into this, but: “Game of Thrones” is about as historically accurate as a Medieval Tymes restaurant, and this is by design.

The “history” in question is thousands of years of tidbits thrown together to achieve verisimilitude to an imaginary Dark Ages.— Jude “MAW Collected Edition Out Now” Doyle (@byJudeDoyle) August 22, 2022First of all, have we forgotten how the original show consistently threw characters of color under the bus?I refuse to take Game of Thrones seriously for multiple reasons, all their fault entirely, but it’s wild to me how people will be like “ah yes intense gendered and sexual violence are necessary for realism in this show” AND “black people in this show ruin my escapist fantasy”.

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