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GOP candidate Scott Esk has some WILD views about gay people that voters should know about

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A republican lawmaker running to represent Oklahoma City in the state House has made headlines lately for his horrible, homophobic past.Scott Esk, 56, isn’t backing down, either — he’s just as awful today as he was a decade ago.Back in 2013, Esk wrote on Facebook that gay people are “worthy of death” and “we would be totally in the right” to stone them.

He’s also referred to homosexuality as an “insidious addiction.” Charming.Related: Audio of anti-LGBTQ lawmaker’s speech at gay son’s wedding leaks and the tweets are brutalThe comments resurfaced a year later during his unsuccessful bid for a different House seat.You’d think that he’d have learned his lesson this time around, but when contacted this week by The Oklahoman, Esk refused to comment.He did, however, post a video to his YouTube page defending his abhorrent take.“I’ve stood up for what is right in the past, and I intend to in the future and I am right now,” he said. “That’s got me in trouble.

The media are not my friends, as far as I’m concerned.”Notice how Esk is also attempting to play the ‘victim of the media’ card.

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