How LGBT Teachers Are Treated Worldwide

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LGBT-related questions have been a subject of burning discussions in many countries for years. Even in the United States, a country of freedom, people with different sexual identities were forced to keep their peculiarities secret. 

Furthermore, working in some industries was not possible for these individuals because of numerous preconceptions. Education was one of the spheres that mistreated LGBT people. Is it possible to become an LGBT educator nowadays? What is a common attitude towards LGBT teachers in different countries? Let’s find out whether the situation has changed in recent years. 

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The United States 

Although the country has liberalized laws on hiring LGBT teachers at schools, colleges, and universities, some educators still face some misunderstanding and hostility from principals and school executives. Unfortunately, many experienced professionals are having difficulties with finding a job as a teacher because of their particular features and preferences. Surely, this policy of educational institutions is completely unfair. However, we have what we have. Is it possible to protect LGBT teachers from such discrimination? The question remains to be answered. 

The only good news is that more and more institutions are becoming more loyal to LGBT teaching professionals. This means the number of LGBT teachers continues to grow. Thus, they no longer need to hide their views and tastes from students and other teachers. 


As for European countries, an attitude towards LGBT teachers is quite diverse. First, it depends on the country’s traditions and customs. Second, the decision to hire a teacher is often made by the schoolmaster only. This means the teachers hired by a particular school or college are chosen by the principals, so it’s up to them to select the professional LGBT teacher or not. 

As for Central Europe, you can easily find some LGBT teachers employed by various schools, colleges, and universities. The fact is that the most developed countries, like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, have a high level of democracy and personal freedom. In other words, an LGBT teacher is quite common in modern societies. 

Educators in Eastern Europe are often having more traditional and even outdated views on the LGBT community. Therefore, an LGBT teacher could hardly find a job fast in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and other countries of the region. Although there are thousands of supporters of the rights of LGBT people in these countries, teachers with such views might not have a chance to put their educational skills into practice. It’s sad, but it’s true - an LGBT society in Eastern Europe requires more protection and support. 


China is currently expanding the rights of LGBT people. However, its government still has lots of work to do in the area. The truth is that LGBT has become legal only in 1997, while homosexual relations ceased to be a deviation in 2001. 

Chinese people are no longer afraid of showing off their unique features and preferences. However, the school system in the county remains very conservative. LGBT teachers will not get a refusal to be hired because of their orientation. However, they are likely to get a made-up rejection. To put it short, the rights of LGBT teachers are very limited. So, many LGBT educators prefer to keep their views secret, not to lose their jobs. The policy of many colleges and universities towards LGBT teachers is still jug-handled and desperately needs to be changed. 


The Land Down Under also has some prejudices towards LGBT educators. However, it is not as massive as in some Asian and Eastern European countries. Although some Australian schools might refuse to hire LGBT teachers, it is possible to find a job in more up-to-date and loyal educational institutions. 

Being an LGBT teacher might be challenging in many countries. However, most states have a liberal approach towards hiring these professionals. It is nice to hear that more and more school executives are ready to hire teachers based on their skills and knowledge, but not for personal preferences and orientation. 

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