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Everyone’s super pissed at Dave Chappelle again, for a whole new reason

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Roughly four months after he sparked outrage over a number of queer-themed jokes in his Netflix special The Closer, comedian Dave Chappelle is once again on the receiving end of intense, online criticism.

His comedy has nothing to do with it this time.On Tuesday, the town council of Yellow Springs, Ohio — where Chappelle resides — voted down its own plan to construct affordable housing on a 53-acre lot.

Chappelle is credited with helping to kill the plan by threatening to leave, and take his money with him, if it passed.Chappelle has fought against the plan for months, telling the city council in December, “Obviously I live behind the development, or the proposed development.

I do have many business interests in town. I’ve invested millions of dollars in town. If you push this thing through, what I’m investing in is no longer applicable.”He doubled down on his threat this week, appearing at a city council meeting and saying, “I am not bluffing, I will take it all off the table.”Dave Chappelle was so angry that a housing project had an affordable component that he threatened to pull all his business investments out of the town, successfully reverting the project to just luxury single family homes pic.twitter.com/R1xhuXaNxT— Armand Domalewski (@ArmandDoma) February 9, 2022Chappelle reportedly plans to open a restaurant and a comedy club in the town.Here’s how Twitter is reacting:oh hey, since the transphobia wasn't a dealbreaker maybe people will stop liking dave chappelle now that he's killing affordable housing in his neighborhood https://t.co/XV1x93lfBT— Spikevax Milligan (@supership79) February 9, 2022Dave Chappelle just did what all rich people do.

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