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If You Like Fantasy And Grumpy Characters, Pick Up These 15 Speculative Books

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Release date: May 17, 2022Why you should read it: Everybody loves a grumpy adoptive dad. Chelsea Abdullah writes with such splintering and beautiful agony that I was left with every bone broken, every vessel cut, and my ashes nothing but fragrant dust.What it's about: With storytelling like One Thousand and One Nights, pick up The Stardust Thief and enter a world of quests, legends, romantic princes, sibling rivalry, and unfriendly thieves under a desert’s starry night sky.

Loulie al-Nazari, the Midnight Merchant, hunts and sells magical relics with jinn bodyguard, Qadir. When she saves the Sultan’s youngest son, Mazen, she’s thrown into his father's privileged world.

Along with a cowardly prince, a grumpy jinn bodyguard, and an irritable swordswoman, Loulie must pursue a legendary land for an ancient magical lamp.

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