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James Barr’s Straight Jokes is a powerful reminder of why queer people need to keep sharing their stories

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Edinburgh Fringe – he’s well and truly an open book.Do not be deceived by the name of his show, Straight Jokes. If anything, it’s the opposite of what that title might suggest, as James opens up about his own harrowing experiences as a queer person, but is able to see them through a humorous lens and make light of them in a bid to have the last laugh.James graces the stage with charm and confidence, but he’s under no illusion that watching a newbie comedian perform can be awkward for audience members.

Mere minutes into the gig, he’s making a jibe about how new comedians can be ‘quite scary and unbearable to watch’, like a James Corden movie.

Despite being laced with humour and jokes about fearing flushing his pubes down the loo in case a fish chokes on them (if that doesn’t make the show enticing, what will?) his set touches on deeper issues, like the time he was urged to ‘tone down’ his queerness while covering the evening show on what he perhaps not so subtly calls Lowercase FM radio station.‘James, on air, our bosses want you to sound less camp’, a producer said.‘Me, camp?

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