Kim Woodburn condemned by LGBTQ+ community for anti-trans stance

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Kim Woodburn is facing backlash from the LGBTQ+ community after making a number of transphobic comments during a controversial appearance on GB News.

The professional cleaner, who has a huge LGBTQ+ following and is regularly booked to appear at Pride events, was asked if she was worried that her views on unisex changing rooms would result in her being “labelled a transphobe or a bigot”. “Look, if I’m going to be labelled that then get on with it,” she swiftly responded, adding: “I give not a jot. “If I don’t want to show a man, accidentally, my knockers, or my bottom half, dear, which could easily happen, then I’m being labelled? [Because] I don’t want to show my bare body to a strange man?

What?” Kim proceeded to joke and urged the presenter to not “talk utter rubbish” about the topic. “A man’s a man, a woman’s a woman,” she continued. “And women who say they don’t mind sharing a dressing room with a man, they must be sexually frustrated and need to see something naughty! “I don’t!

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