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Lily Collins reveals the worst part about filming 'Emily in Paris'

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told Australian Vogue that there was little "comfort" with her character's high fashion look, joking, "There are literally no sweatpants" on the set."The brightness and boldness and fun and sense of humor Emily has in her wardrobe enhances her personality, especially coming out of COVID where comfort was everything," she said. "Not everything felt super comfortable after COVID, but it was really nice to have fun with fashion again in the most heightened way possible."While speaking to Jimmy, Lily insisted that if the Netflix show were to continue filming spinoffs in other cities, she would prefer that her character wear flats instead of heels.Maren Morris' mental health is in a good place these days, in large part due to her husband, fellow country singer Ryan Hurd.In a new chat with People magazine, the "Circles Around This Town" singer said Ryan helped diagnose her with postpartum depression after their son, Hayes Andrew, was born in March 2020 during the very early days of the COVID pandemic. "I do check-ins all the time [with] therapy, which I've done for years, and my husband was a huge help diagnosing that too," Maren said. "Sometimes it's just someone really close to you saying, 'Are you OK?' It's so simple, but it kind of snaps you out of whatever fog you're in that you think is normal, but isn't."Maren's depression started to ease about six months after her son's birth.

Still, she admitted to struggling at times during the pandemic, as many did. "I'm pretty sure everyone in lockdown and this pandemic has had to do a temperature check on their mental health, and maybe it'll become a more perpetual practice going forward because of these two years — I hope it is," the crooner said.

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