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Lily Collins issues plea to star in The Crown 30 years after snubbing Charles and Diana

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Phil Collins. However, at one Prince's Trust event, she point blank refused to hand over a bouquet of flowers to Princess Diana, despite them being intended as a gift.No doubt Lily was swiftly forgiven, as when the incident happened, she was merely three years old."Legend has it, I was presenting Princess Diana with a bouquet and when she went to take it, I then tried to pull it back away, as you do, you know," joked Lily.She added: "I guess I just didn’t know protocol.”Photographers captured the iconic imagery of Diana smiling while a wide-eyed Lily, accompanied by both parents, clutched the bouquet.On another occasion of meeting the royals, Lily was even more unruly, apparently hurling a toy telephone right at Prince Charles.Mischievous Lily recalled: "You just don’t do that, but as a kid you’re like, ‘I’m playing with you… I don’t know any better’."In spite of the embarrassing mishaps, Lily is keen to gain her own starring role on The Crown.When she joined the BBC adaptation of Les Miserables back in 2018, she rubbed shoulders with some of the cast of the show.These cast members were Josh O’Connor, who played Charles, Erin Doherty, who portrayed Princess Anne, and Olivia Colman, who starred as the Queen.While she and Lily were filming together, it emerged that Olivia had already been offered the starring role as the Queen - and Lily couldn't resist asking questions about it."I was a huge fan of The Crown and I was grilling her, asking her questions," an excited Lily recalled, "but she was sworn to utmost secrecy and couldn’t tell me anything.“Josh was auditioning for Prince Charles during the making of our BBC show, and so I was asking him a bunch of questions [too]."Oh, and Erin Doherty, who plays Anne, was in our.

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