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Twitter is coming for Italian skier Sofia Goggia after she calls gay men wimps

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with the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera. Over the course of the conversation, journalist Aldo Cazzullo Flavio Vanetti asked her about any LGBTQ athletes in professional skiing.

She had a less than tactful answer.“Among women, yes. Not for men, I would say,” Goggia said. “You have to throw yourself down the Streif in Kitzbuhel.”Related: Olympic skier suffers “frozen penis” during cross-country raceFor anyone unfamiliar, the Streif in Kitzbuhel, Austria, is considered one of the most challenging ski slopes in the world.

In other words, Goggia implied that gay men are too wimpy to survive or even attempt the course. To make matters worse, she even peppered in some transphobia to boot, adding “In terms of sport, a man who turns into a woman has physical characteristics, even at the hormonal level, which allow him to push harder.

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