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Mal O'Hara becomes first openly gay political party leader in Northern Ireland

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marriage equality campaign and worked with the Rainbow Project.When discussing his journey to becoming a politician, he said, “I did give consideration to other parties but after talking with friends and family and others, it felt right in my gut and in my heart and my head to join the Greens and I joined in late 2014″.

He said that what’s most important to him and his party is “to show a vision of hope and opportunity for a different society,” and that in order to do so “we need to do it in the communities that have been most affected by the Troubles.”“North Belfast sometimes gets painted as the most sectarian area, rife with poverty, but it is the best part of the city and it is beautiful and I love it and it is my home,” he continued.Clare has been an inspiring leader.

She has been my mentor, boss, friend and confidant. Northern Ireland now has Climate legislation thanks to her and our 2 MLAs passed law that will save lives.I can't wait to build on her legacy.

Thanks so much @ClareBaileyGPNI— Cllr Mal O’Hara (Castle DEA) Belfast he/him (@oharamal) August 15, 2022His predecessor Clare Bailey decided to step down as leader after the disappointing Assembly election results, in which members of the party lost their seats.

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